Sous Chef

  • Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Job Description:

A sous chef is a skilled culinary professional who works closely with the head chef or executive chef in a kitchen. The sous chef plays a crucial role in the preparation, cooking, and presentation of food, as well as the overall management of the kitchen. They assist in menu planning, ingredient sourcing, staff supervision, and maintaining high standards of food quality and kitchen operations. Sous chefs work in various food establishments, including restaurants, hotels, resorts, and catering companies.


  1. Food Preparation: Assist in food preparation tasks, including cutting, chopping, marinating, and seasoning ingredients. Ensure food items are prepared in a timely manner and according to recipes or menu specifications. Maintain high standards of taste, appearance, and portion control.
  2. Cooking and Plating: Cook and supervise the cooking of various dishes, ensuring proper cooking techniques, temperature control, and flavor balance. Plate and garnish dishes to meet visual presentation standards.
  3. Menu Planning: Collaborate with the head chef or executive chef in developing menus, creating new dishes, and incorporating seasonal ingredients. Contribute ideas for flavor combinations, menu variety, and special promotions.
  4. Kitchen Management: Assist in managing kitchen operations, including inventory control, ordering supplies, and monitoring food costs. Ensure efficient use of resources, minimize waste, and maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards.


  • A Minimum Of 4 Year(S) Of Working Experience Is Required.
  • Candidates Must Be a Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate Holder in Food and Beverage Preparation/service Management Or Similar Fields.
  • Bachelor’s degree in culinary science Or Relevant Field.

About Company

SMRII is a privately owned recruitment and placement company based in Manila Philippines with a focus on delivering outstanding manpower deployment services worldwide. Our team members possess extensive experience of more than 20 years in the industry and have made significant contributions towards creating SMRIIs’ unique system.

This organization was created with the intent of promoting Filipino talents’ versatility and workmanship while also improving their families’ standard of living. Quality assurance is fundamental at SMRII; we prioritize systematic selection/placement processes that enable us to customize our services according to clients’ specific needs.

Placement Fee

This job has no placement fee.

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