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The Chief Officer, also known as the First Officer or Chief Mate, is a senior officer responsible for the overall management and coordination of deck operations on a ship. They play a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient navigation, cargo handling, and crew management. Here is a job description for a Chief Officer:

  1. Navigation and Watchkeeping: The Chief Officer is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship. They oversee the watchkeeping duties, ensuring that the ship follows the planned course, maintains proper speed, and avoids any hazards. They monitor navigational equipment, charts, and weather conditions, and make necessary course adjustments.
  2. Cargo Operations: The Chief Officer supervises the loading, stowage, and discharge of cargo on board. They ensure compliance with cargo handling procedures, maintain proper documentation, and coordinate with the crew, port authorities, and relevant stakeholders to ensure efficient cargo operations.
  3. Safety and Emergency Response: The Chief Officer plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe working environment on board. They ensure compliance with safety regulations, conduct regular safety inspections, and oversee safety drills and training exercises. In case of emergencies, they coordinate response efforts and execute emergency plans.
  4. Crew Management: The Chief Officer manages the deck crew and assigns duties and responsibilities. They ensure proper crew training, monitor performance, and promote teamwork and collaboration among the crew members. They may also oversee crew welfare and ensure adherence to onboard rules and regulations.
  5. Maintenance and Inspections: The Chief Officer oversees deck maintenance tasks and ensures that the ship’s exterior, deck equipment, and lifesaving appliances are properly maintained and in good working condition. They conduct regular inspections, identify any deficiencies, and coordinate repairs or maintenance as required.
  6. Documentation and Reporting: The Chief Officer maintains accurate records and documentation related to deck operations, cargo handling, safety inspections, and navigational activities. They prepare reports, logbooks, and other relevant paperwork and submit them to the appropriate authorities as necessary.
  7. Navigation Equipment and Technology: The Chief Officer should have a good understanding of modern navigation equipment and technology. They should be familiar with electronic navigation systems, radar, GPS, and other related technologies to ensure efficient and accurate navigation.


  1. Certification and Experience: The Chief Officer must possess valid certification as per the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping) requirements. They should have previous experience working in deck officer positions and preferably hold a Chief Mate certificate of competency.
  2. Navigational and Seamanship Skills: The Chief Officer should have excellent navigational skills and a strong understanding of seamanship principles. They should be proficient in celestial and electronic navigation techniques, chart plotting, and be knowledgeable about international maritime regulations and best practices.
  3. Leadership and Management Skills: The Chief Officer should possess strong leadership and management abilities. They should be able to effectively manage a team, delegate tasks, and make critical decisions in challenging situations. Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential.
  4. Cargo Operations Knowledge: Familiarity with cargo operations and procedures is important for the Chief Officer. They should understand different types of cargoes, stowage requirements, and relevant safety considerations. Experience with containerized, bulk, or liquid cargo operations is beneficial.

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Agency Name: Intercrew Philippines Agency Inc

POEA License Number: POEA-001-SB-010421-R-MLC

Address: Room 204,205,206 & 208, VIP Building, Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila

About Agency

INTERCREW PHILIPPINES AGENCY INC. operates as a reputable sea-based recruitment agency registered with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration under Accreditation No. POEA-001-SB-010421-R-MLC. The agency’s core objective is to identify, hire and manage proficient, experienced and licensed seafarers to crew the vessels of its principals.