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The 2nd Engineer is a vital member of the engineering department on a ship. They play a key role in ensuring the proper functioning and maintenance of the vessel’s machinery and equipment. Here is a job description for a 2nd Engineer:

  1. Machinery Operation: The 2nd Engineer is responsible for operating and monitoring the ship’s machinery, including engines, boilers, generators, and auxiliary equipment. They ensure that all machinery is running smoothly and efficiently to meet the ship’s power and propulsion requirements.
  2. Maintenance and Repair: The 2nd Engineer assists in the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of the ship’s machinery and systems. They conduct regular inspections, identify any mechanical issues, and coordinate repairs with the Chief Engineer and engineering team.
  3. Watchkeeping: The 2nd Engineer may be assigned watchkeeping duties, where they oversee the operation and performance of the ship’s machinery during specific shifts. They monitor gauges, instruments, and control systems to ensure optimal performance and take necessary actions in case of any abnormalities or emergencies.
  4. Safety and Compliance: The 2nd Engineer ensures that all machinery and equipment meet safety standards and comply with relevant regulations and guidelines. They participate in safety drills, conduct risk assessments, and maintain documentation related to equipment inspections and maintenance.
  5. Spare Parts and Inventory Management: The 2nd Engineer assists in maintaining an inventory of spare parts, tools, and consumables necessary for the proper functioning of the ship’s machinery. They monitor stock levels, place orders for replacement parts, and ensure adequate supplies are available.
  6. Training and Supervision: The 2nd Engineer may provide guidance and supervision to junior engineering staff, including engine cadets or ratings. They assist in their training, monitor their performance, and ensure adherence to safety procedures and engineering practices.
  7. Teamwork and Collaboration: The 2nd Engineer works closely with the Chief Engineer, other engineering officers, and crew members to ensure smooth operations and efficient maintenance of the vessel. They actively participate in meetings, share knowledge and expertise, and contribute to a positive working environment.


  • Must have 2years worked experience for the same type of vessel
  • Complete docs as per STCW

Agency Profile

Agency Name: Intercrew Philippines Agency Inc

POEA License Number: POEA-001-SB-010421-R-MLC

Address: Room 204,205,206 & 208, VIP Building, Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila 1000

About Agency

INTERCREW PHILIPPINES AGENCY INC. operates as a reputable sea-based recruitment agency registered with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration under Accreditation No. POEA-001-SB-010421-R-MLC. The agency’s core objective is to identify, hire and manage proficient, experienced and licensed seafarers to crew the vessels of its principals.