Glazier-Glass/Window Installer

  • Collier Avenue , Balcatta, WA, Australia, Western Australia
  • AUD 4,000.00 - 7,000.00 per month

Job Description:

A glazier, also known as a glass/window installer, is a skilled professional who specializes in the installation, repair, and replacement of glass and window systems. They work in the construction, architectural, and glass manufacturing industries, providing services for both residential and commercial projects. Glaziers play a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning, aesthetics, and safety of glass installations.

The primary responsibilities of a glazier typically include:

  1. Measurement and Preparation: Glaziers accurately measure the dimensions of windows, glass panels, or other glass installations to ensure a proper fit. They interpret architectural drawings and specifications to determine the required glass size, thickness, and shape. Glaziers also prepare the work area by removing existing glass, frames, or sealing materials as necessary.
  2. Glass Cutting and Fabrication: Glaziers utilize specialized tools and techniques to cut, shape, and fabricate glass according to the required specifications. They may use scoring tools, glass cutters, and glass-working machinery to achieve precise cuts and shapes. Glaziers also polish the edges of the glass to ensure a smooth and safe finish.
  3. Glass Installation: Glaziers install various types of glass products, including windows, doors, skylights, glass partitions, and curtain walls. They position the glass panels or units in the designated openings, aligning them accurately and securely. Glaziers may use setting blocks, putty, glazing compounds, or other adhesive materials to fix the glass in place. They ensure proper insulation, weatherproofing, and structural integrity of the glass installation.
  4. Sealing and Waterproofing: Glaziers apply sealants, caulk, or weather-stripping to create a watertight and airtight seal around glass installations. This step helps to prevent water leakage, drafts, and energy loss. Glaziers pay attention to detail to ensure that the sealing materials are applied neatly and effectively.
  5. Glass Repair and Replacement: In addition to installation, glaziers also perform repair and replacement work on damaged or broken glass. They assess the extent of the damage and determine the most appropriate repair or replacement method. Glaziers may replace individual glass panes, repair cracks or chips, or replace entire window or glass units as needed.
  6. Safety Compliance: Glaziers adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. They use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses, gloves, and helmets, when handling glass and operating tools and equipment. Glaziers also ensure that glass installations comply with safety standards, including proper load-bearing capacity and safety glazing requirements.
  7. Customer Service: Glaziers interact with clients, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders to understand project requirements and address customer needs. They provide guidance on glass selection, energy efficiency, and maintenance considerations. Glaziers aim to deliver excellent customer service by maintaining clear communication, professionalism, and attention to detail throughout the installation or repair process.


  • A minimum of 5 year(s) of working experience is required.
  • Candidates must be at least a graduate of a four-year undergraduate course.
  • With at least 5 years in Fabrication

About Company

Manpower Resources of Asia, Inc. (MRA) is a trusted Filipino-based agency with a global presence that offers competent workers to prestigious overseas clients without imposing placement fees. Recognized by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) under Department of Labor and Employment as a reputable establishment; MRA sets the standard for nourishing both on-shore & off-shore working professionals across different industries such as oil & gas sector personnel, dredging & reclamation specialists; substation transmission line construction operators; power plant engineers; petrochemical experts; mechanical services support staff contributing to oil refineries alongside food processing facilities; cold storage units & other affiliated units.

With consistent success rates at delivering results whilst exceeding standards in accordance with POEA rules & regulations—MRA had won numerous accolades including “Top Performer Awardee”, “Hall of Fame” honours with the “Award of Excellence”.

To guarantee that staffs are heard throughout the process; MRA uses their dynamic professionalism ensuring that workers with talent beyond measure and an adaptive mentality are granted exclusive opportunities through competitive terms. As a company, MRA advocates excellence of service with a stance towards fulfilling government-sponsored initiatives intended to provide employment opportunities to Filipinos stationed outside the country while ensuring they receive complimentary protection afforded to them by their employers.

Placement Fee

Please be reminded that as per POEA regulations, the placement fee is up to a maximum of one (1) month's salary.

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