Machine Operator

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • AUD 4,491.67 per month

Job Description:

A skilled person who operates and maintains machinery in numerous areas such as manufacturing, production, and construction is known as a machine operator. These operators are in charge of putting machines up, running them, monitoring them, and troubleshooting them to ensure efficient and safe output. A machine operator’s job description often includes the following responsibilities:

Machine Setup: Machine operators prepare machines for use by assembling tools, fixtures, and supplies in accordance with specifications. They make certain that the machine is correctly calibrated and adjusted for maximum performance and output quality.

Machine operators operate machinery by following directions and production schedules. They start and stop the machine, monitor its performance, and change speed, feed, and other settings to ensure accurate and consistent production.

Quality control is performed by machine operators to guarantee that goods satisfy the relevant standards and specifications. They visually inspect finished products, measure dimensions, and look for faults or abnormalities. They may also utilise various measuring equipment and instruments to ensure the quality of the product.

Maintenance and troubleshooting: Machine operators undertake routine maintenance chores such as cleaning, lubricating, and replacing worn parts on equipment. They also detect and diagnose machine defects or irregularities, taking appropriate corrective action or advising maintenance workers of the need for repairs.

Material Handling: Machine operators load and unload materials into the machine, such as raw materials or finished products. They adhere to safety rules and employ suitable lifting procedures to avoid accidents and damage to materials and equipment.


  • A minimum of 3 year(s) of working experience is required.
  • Candidates must be at least a graduate of a four-year undergraduate course.
  • Applicants must be willing to take IELTS.

About Company

Ascend International Services Inc. is a land-based recruitment agency duly licensed by the (POEA) Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) specializing in the career placement of Filipino professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment.

Placement Fee

Please be reminded that as per POEA regulations, the placement fee is up to a maximum of one (1) month's salary.

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