Trailer Driver

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Job Description:

A Trailer Driver, also known as a Truck Driver or Heavy Vehicle Driver, plays a critical role in transporting goods and materials using trailers attached to trucks. They are responsible for safely operating the truck and trailer, following traffic regulations, and ensuring timely and efficient delivery of cargo. The role requires excellent driving skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and a commitment to safety.


  1. Cargo Transportation: The Trailer Driver is responsible for transporting goods and materials from one location to another using a trailer attached to a truck. They load and unload cargo, ensure it is properly secured, and verify that all necessary documentation, such as shipping manifests or delivery orders, is in order.
  2. Safe Driving: The driver operates the truck and trailer in a safe and responsible manner, following all traffic rules and regulations. They maintain awareness of road conditions, weather conditions, and potential hazards to ensure the safety of themselves, the cargo, and other road users.
  3. Route Planning: The Trailer Driver plans the most efficient and safe route to reach the destination while considering factors such as traffic, road conditions, and delivery schedules. They may use GPS systems or navigation tools to assist in route planning and finding alternate routes if necessary.
  4. Vehicle Maintenance: The driver performs routine inspections of the truck and trailer to ensure they are in good working condition. They check tire pressure, fluid levels, brakes, lights, and other essential components, and report any maintenance or repair needs to the appropriate personnel.
  5. Delivery Documentation: The driver ensures accurate documentation of deliveries, including obtaining signatures, recording delivery times, and maintaining records of goods delivered or received. They may also handle invoices or receipts related to the cargo transported.
  6. Communication: The Trailer Driver maintains effective communication with dispatchers, supervisors, and other team members to provide updates on delivery status, report any issues or delays, and coordinate any necessary changes to the delivery schedule.
  7. Customer Service: The driver may interact with customers or recipients of the cargo during the delivery process. They represent the company professionally, provide courteous service, and address any inquiries or concerns promptly and professionally.


  • A minimum of 3 year(s) of working experience is required.\
  • Candidates must be a Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate holder in Others or similar fields.
  • With Valid passport, fully vaccinated and with Valid Driver License restriction 1, 2, 3 , 8

About Company

Since launching operations twenty-eight years ago back in 1993, 21st Century Manpower Resources Inc., has consistently led the way in delivering quality Filipino workforce solutions equitable across various industries worldwide.

In agreement situations between two entities or organizations within an undertaking or partnership like this one motivation behind actions often differs from each side’s particular interests needed to fulfil their specific goals.

It is essential to note that such intense manpower needs are fundamentally paramount aspects globally – whether about maintaining existing established structures or strategizing towards improved social-economic elevation as the world continues forward towards advanced conglomerations.

Placement Fee

Please be reminded that as per POEA regulations, the placement fee is up to a maximum of one (1) month's salary.

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